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Knights' Electric knows the effect proper lighting can create in your home. Whether we are wiring a family room addition or a multi-million dollar estate with custom ambient lighting, we make sure that the lighting in your home gives it the look and feel that you desire. As our past customers will tell you, our expertise in residential lighting and lighting control is unsurpassed.

Knights' Electric team of qualified professionals can safely design and build a custom lighting system to give your home the look and feel you've always dreamed of. We understand every aspect of home energy; from structured cabling for home computer systems, automation and programmable lighting controls for mood to increasing energy efficiency and back-up generators for power reliability.

Our Residential Services include:

  • Lutron Lighting Systems*
  • Litetouch Systems*
  • Vantage Lighting Control Systems
  • System Integration and Automation
  • Telephone, Data, LAN Installation
  • Home Theater, Entertainment, Computer Installation
  • Exterior/Interior Blinds, Awnings, etc.
  • Creston and Phast Automation Components (software & hardware)
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Radiant Heating

*Knights Electric is a Lutron and Lifetouch Certified Designer and Installer.

For more information, contact Art Knight, VP of Commercial / Industrial / Residential at Knights' Electric, Inc.

Custom Lighting

While Knights' Electric can work with lighting designers hired by the architect, contractor or property owner, we also offer complete design services for our clients. Backed by our knowledgeable personnel and years of expertise in the industry, Knights' Electric can create a lighting plan that includes decorative fixtures, changeable track lighting and a lighting control system with dimmers and timers to create mood or ambient lighting effects.

We feel that the key to reaching the desired lighting design is listening to the owner, determining their needs and expectations, and then working with them to achieve the results they desire. Knights' Electric has the resources to satisfy a customer's vision with educated suggestions, ideas and cost saving solutions to produce a lighting design that is pleasing and affordable within a proposed budget.

Give us a call, or fill out our contact form, to discuss your lighting needs and develop your customized lighting plan.

Lutron Certified Products

Whether you are looking for solutions for a single room, multiple rooms or interested in controlling the light throughout your home with a light control system, Knights' Electric can install Lutron products that give you the freedom to personalize your light in any space.

Lutron features systems that give you the ability to create a range of light levels in your home, rather than turning your lights full on. By seamlessly integrating electric light and daylight with Lutron shading solutions, Knights' Electric helps you create ambiance, add a "wow" factor, and save energy in your home.

Contact us about installing Lutron Certified Products in your home.

Vantage Lighting Control Systems

When Knights' Electric installs Vantage Systems in your home, your lighting, music, video, window treatments and temperature are activated with a single touch. Keypads and touchscreens compliment your decor. Remote access enables you to activate, change or monitor your home and home systems from anywhere.

Features of Vantage Lighting Control Systems include:

  • Light
    Vantage is uniquely positioned to put your home in its best light with everything from elegantly simple keypads, touchscreens and remote controls to industry-leading controllers, dimmers, sensors and enclosures.
  • Comfort
    Your home should be the ultimate refuge. Fortunately, Vantage helps you create an environment where lighting, climate controls and music work together in perfect harmony. The result is a home that knows your preferences and conforms to your moods.
  • Security
    The greatest luxury of all is peace of mind. With Vantage's ability to integrate with your security system, it becomes part of your whole-home control solution. Everything that makes home automation convenient, relaxing and entertaining also helps protect the things that are most dear to you with equal ease.
  • Entertainment
    With Vantage, your home is a theater, a concert hall, a party venue or all three. Press a single button labeled "movie," for example, and lights dim, blinds close, a screen descends and your movie cues up. Why would you fight the crowds at the multiplex ever again?

Contact Knights' Electric today and ask about installing Lutron Certified Products in your home.